Sep. 24, Day 73: Into Eugene

We woke up to a cold morning and quickly packed up and headed down to Mackenzie Bridge for some breakfast. Also, I didn’t have cell service and I needed to make my NFL picks for the day, and the games start at 10 am out here, so the clock was ticking.

Thankfully, I got the picks in at 9:45 PT, a full 10 minutes before they were due. Working ahead of schedule as per usual.

After 30 miles, we stopped at a gas station to grab a bite and a drink. We were about finished when I thought I heard someone call my name. My cousin Terry and her husband Billy stopped to say hi! It was great to see them and we made plans to meet up in Florence after we finish tomorrow.

We finished the ride and rode into Springfield and bought some cleaning supplies for our bikes. They’re sounding squeaky and the cassettes and chains need cleaning.

We connected with Matt, a Warm Showers host who’s originally from Indianapolis, and cruised around Eugene in his suburban convertible, the Bewilderd Beast, listening to the Rocky IV soundtrack on cassette tape.

Matt told us some crazy awesome stories from his touring days in Latin America over beers at Ninkasi Brewery.

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Cruisin around Eugene in the suburbable!

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We spent the night at his machine shop in Springfield.

Next up: Our last day (hopefully)! We’re riding to the coast.

Sep. 24, Day 73: Into Eugene

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