Sep. 18, Day 67: Riding for some Hot Springs

Today was probably our latest start yet. I woke up to two flat tires, so I had to take care of that right away. We went to the Starlite Diner for some breakfast then hit the grocery store for some supplies. There’s not much of anything in Juntura, Oregon, where we were heading. We started around 1 pm, but we only had 52 miles to go.

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The ride started out alright, but pretty soon the wind was just beating us back to 6-8 mph. That was how the whole ride went for the most part, but it was scenic for sure.

It’s an arid landscape, but beautiful. As you can tell, there’s not much out here on US 20 in Eastern Oregon.

We made it to the hot springs just outside Juntura around 7 pm and pitched tents underneath a tree right next to the river.

We had to wade across the river to reach the island where the hot springs were, but it was so worth it after a long hard ride.

Not long after we arrived, a VW bus pulled up and a couple, Kimo and Genevieve, hopped out and joined us in the hot spring. Kimo is from Hawaii and Genevieve is from Colorado. They’re touring the U.S. in their ’69 VW bus looking for a new home longterm.

After we finished at the hot springs, we all hung out at the bus for a while and Genevieve made us hot chocolate. Nice folks, and I hope they find what they’re looking for.

We headed back to our tents around 11:40 pm and Reid, Anthony and I sat around in a circle cooking ramen, soup, and making more hot chocolate. I wonder what the rich people were doing.

Sep. 18, Day 67: Riding for some Hot Springs

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